Friday, October 15, 2010

Ex 13 Part 2: Pride Goeth

Last time, I had one of the best first days ever.  Flush with money and guns I sleep the sleep of champions, with my friends all alive and well in their various hidey holes.  I'm starting to fell like I've got this.  I've got this game now. I've got it. I've assimilated the various lessons of this difficulty and damage level and I can deal.  It's all good.  It's cool bruv.  It's sweet.  This Zone ain't all that.

Ok that's fine for dreams.   Just have to remember to wake up.

Day Two

The light comes back to our little world. There's nondescript salami, I guess, stuff for breakfast and Blowout for lunch if the early morning forecast is to be believed.  Something to look forward to there. I wonder what I can do in the meantime, since I'd rather not over commit to being out in the open around that time.  Plus the army will probably be out for blood after yesterday.  Need to watch out for wandering patrols.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ex 13: Luck on my side

One of the problems of doing this sort of project is it becomes very hard to play the game casually.  It's serious business now, you can't just reload anymore.  Usually when I start a new game or load up a save session there's this small honeymoon period where I'm happy-go-lucky about the whole experience, "Yay, videogames!", trotting around like there's nothing to worry about.  Luckily it usually dawns on me to stop doing this before I do something stupid or something eats me and then there's that strange feeling of lost  innocence that overwhelms all sense of hope, optimism etc.  I love this game.

It helps that I'm usually in the village at the time, where it is generally safe, and I remember how serious it all is shortly before the fence line.

Case in point: today the game has decided to place a whirligig right on the driveway, in case any positive outlooks should happen by.  I've had anomalies in the area around Sid's bunker before, of course.  But I saw this one and thought how many times I've reached the top of that driveway and practically skipped down into the bosom of safety and security that is the village.

Skipping is never a good idea in Stalker.