Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ex 10 Part 3 : The Better Part of Spinelessness

If you recall last time,  I was just about to embark on another foolhardy attempt to assist Bes and Co at the junkyard (note that this is the second whole time I've made it this far in ten attempts.  No one's ever going to believe that it's quite this hard and I'm not just crap, are they.)

I've got a few grenades and some AK rounds I picked up around the place.  All of which I vow to use.

Some, four legged, thing has just tear-arsed in from the north and disappeared at the far end of the yard.  I've got a fair idea what it probably was.  Do I really want to get closer to it and a bunch of guys with guns?

Although, the bandits are taking their sweet time coming our way (amusing to think this amounts to only a few more seconds than you'd expect).  And the fire directed to us seems a lot less than you can hear going on over there. Hmm...