Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ex 10 Part 3 : The Better Part of Spinelessness

If you recall last time,  I was just about to embark on another foolhardy attempt to assist Bes and Co at the junkyard (note that this is the second whole time I've made it this far in ten attempts.  No one's ever going to believe that it's quite this hard and I'm not just crap, are they.)

I've got a few grenades and some AK rounds I picked up around the place.  All of which I vow to use.

Some, four legged, thing has just tear-arsed in from the north and disappeared at the far end of the yard.  I've got a fair idea what it probably was.  Do I really want to get closer to it and a bunch of guys with guns?

Although, the bandits are taking their sweet time coming our way (amusing to think this amounts to only a few more seconds than you'd expect).  And the fire directed to us seems a lot less than you can hear going on over there. Hmm...

I sprint as far forward as I can and hoik a grenade or two at the ridge and then run the hell away, back to the gate house.

Oh I'm just the epitome of bravery, aren't I.

I catch a few glancing rounds in the process, so my warrior cred is somewhat intact.  The other guys seem to be doing well.  I mostly shoot where they shoot.  The little AK's accuracy is better than I remembered.

Victory!  We closed in to clean up the last couple.  There I finally spot our wildlife helper.

That Chimera was wreaking havok just past the ridge and probably gave us a nice edge in the fight.  I'm pretty sure I can hear the next wave already though. No more Chimeras seem to be volunteering this time unfortunately.  So despite remembering that the bandits often have some good artifacts and so on, I cut short this loot hunt and resume the position.

I'm not hiding.  I'm dutifuly standing a post.

The next wave approaches.  They took their time about it.  I probably could have picked up some more nice swag.  Oh well.

I see Bes get cut down almost instantly.  I hold position.  Bes' remaining pals and some other guy who just wandered in join the fray with gusto.  The new guy with only a pistol too, compounding my shame.

I hesitate joining in, probably hoping time will make the decision for me.  And lo, it does.  There's commotion behind me.  It's shooting, coming from the other bandit camp further up the road.  I take a guess that they're shooting at some dogs or something.  I take a peek out of the gatehouse to the north east.

I guess poorly.  Some bullets bouncing around point out that they're shooting at me now too.  Bandits from both directions.

Discretion is the better part of valour, and the better part of discretion is not dying quite as soon as you might have other wise.  So I guess running back to the wrecks at the entrance to the Garbage and hiding makes me some sort of hero.

Ok, in my defense, that is the only stretch of ground not currently occupied by guys trying to shoot me or unknown amounts of radiation and anomalies.  It's a good move.

Two bandits do follow me a short time later, however.  I see them coming and my aim & cover proves superior.

Sitting tight and waiting for a while is the next move.  No more come and everything goes quiet.  I have to assume the bandits won pretty easily.  They must have returned to their camps instead of pursuing the issue.

The two guys I shot have a good deal of looted stuff and this puts me close to the weight limit.  It would be a bad idea to push my luck at this point, despite Bes' nice silenced custom rifle probably being out there somewhere.  I head back.

Quiet today up the far end of Cordon.  I don't hang around long in case the light catches up with me.

As I skirt the guard at the Embankment someone tweets that bandits have been seen at the Garage again. Surprise surprise. I press on.

As I get near the bus stop I see a small cadre of mad bastards launching an assault.  I can't help myself.  Perching on top of the hill I throw a few rounds to the cause.  The AK snipes fairly well if you take a deep breath.  I manage to take out the roof guard at least.

The raiding party fails pretty fast, however.  I sneak in a bit closer to scope who's left.  I get signals for at least three guys, presumably bandits.  Now is a good time to forget it and head home.

Camp reached at last.  The bounty for the bandit leader (who I probably didn't kill, but hey..) nets me a nice stack of armour peircing AK rounds.  Thoughts turn to going out to shoot some at things.  But no, it's too dark.

Beddy byes folks.

0738 Day 3
What to do today?  What do I really need to get further north.  Better armor?  Better guns?  Artifacts?  All of the above really.  How am I supposed to get such wonders with only Sid doing the selling?

Yeah, shut up.
I have a look over the payment for his jobs again.  Nothing better than fancy shotgun ammo on offer.  Some of those bandits up the way sounded like they had AKs though....  Hmmm.

I'm off up the road looking for last nights left over bandits and whatever guns they might have. At somewhere around the overpass, however (ie barely 50 metres from camp), I get a tweet that there have been zombies sighted at the old factory.  That can only mean one thing. And by 'thing' I mean Thing.  I get a little closer to the place.
Sure enough.

Time to give the place a very wide berth.
I'm heading to the Garage so that should be no trouble.  Trotting down the hill towards the place, I can't shake the Controller effect.  How? I keep dashing from tree to tree towards the Garage, getting further away from the Factory, but my vision is no better.  I expect to look up the hill and spy the damn thing following me.

  • The Marked one was killed by gunfire from nearby bandits while blinded by Controller influence.  It turns out the Controller was actually in the Garage.
    Don't believe everything you read.
    TOD 0821 aprox on Day 3

 Starting to really hate this tree


  1. Oh, crap. I had hope this time you would live long enough to meet Grey/Seriy and tell him about his brother's fate... And how come the Controller wasn't attacking the Garage bandits instead of you?

  2. It's funny, Controllers don't really attack people besides you in Shadow of Chernobyl. Or they don't seem so. I'm not sure if that's an AMK thing or not. They do mess with minds though. Humans are usually zombified after a while though. I think the bandits were in this case. The stupid part is I really did think the Controller must be up over the hill and was looking the wrong way.

  3. Hey, whatever happened to Expedition 9? Was it a secret mission?

  4. Ah. As it happens the next entry is about some of the 'lost' expeditions. Basically they weren't worth a big write up by themselves.