Monday, September 20, 2010

Compilation Episode

Yes, it's back.  I've been kinda ill lately and that put me well behind on proper work as well as my vague internet amusements like this.  But I do keep trucking along even though everyone's probably too busy playing Minecraft to worry about old games like this.  So, onward.

If you've read a few of these entries, you might have noticed something a little odd about the numbering. No it's not because I just plain can't count, although that happens sometimes.  This is because behind the calm exterior of a smooth running blog about dying repeatedly, lies a tumult of crashes and corrupt save games. Of pointless endeavours barely long enough to talk about.  Here's the story so far (plus some from "the future").

Expedition 6
  • The Marked One died of blood loss resulting from severe shotgun injury.
    T.O.D: unknown (shortly after dawn)

Extract from the log:
    "Through the hole in the wall I can see bandit come from the main building into the courtyard.  Fire from the guys out in the yard drives him down toward the back entrance. Rather than stick my neck out, I run down through the burned out remainder of the building and try to cut him off.  The rubble and crates strewn about trip me up.  By the time I get to the end of building he's ready for me... ...Not a single bandage or first aid kit or anything in the inventory.  I knew I forgot something. The bandit seems to have forgotten about me after that. I limp around the outside of the building, towards the corspes at the original attack point. It's my only chance to find a bandage or some food.  Anything to keep me going... Gasping for breath now, every step gets slower.   Heartbeat pounds in my ears.  My vision reels..." 

Damn, I need that stuff

Expedition 7

Cause of Death: Meta.  Save game refused to load, apparently corrupted.

Extracts from the log:

Lenka Quiet  enjoys the... uh  quiet.
(victory at the Garage was narrow, as you can see)

  • "1005 - A tweet from earlier makes sense now.  It's this guy the boar got.  The others pay their respects."
  • "0232 -ish - I really don't know how this happened.  I'm on the way up the back road to find Nimble's jacket when I get attacked by some dogs.  The fight carries us up the hill and they do something funny to my vision.  I've no idea what.  I don't know if that's what did it, or if I stabbed the wrong button by mistake, but I  dropped my friggin shotgun and I couldn't find it again.  All I had left was a pistol and couple of clips.  I swear I combed that hillside for an entire game hour, being chased (dogged, you might say) by dogs the entire time."
Expedition 9
  • The Marked one was killed instantly by a shotgun blast.
    T.O.D. 0715
Extract from the log: "0553-  After doing a couple of playthroughs in a row you start to see ways to get ahead faster..."  

Expedition 11
  • The Marked one was killed by a shotgun blast to the face
    T.O.D. 0812 aprox
Extract from the log:: "It's hard to write notes while fighting for your life.  After action report;  the assault was stopped and the team massacred barely inside the first room.  The bandits cheerfully picked at our corpses."

Expedition 12

Cause of Death : Meta (some sort of scripting error)

There are no pictures of note from this expedition.

Extracts from the log:

  • " No casualties!(at the Garage) I take Nimble's jacket job and then completely forget about it and head straight back to camp"
  • "Embankment soldiers are fighting some dogs.  Sadly the soldiers win.  I wonder what it would take to set off a stampede."
  • "I cross the Embankment without incident.  No call from Fox however.  Odd."
  • "I do a job for Wolf at the Farm:  a flesh that took about ten shotgun rounds to drop (It seemed tougher than normal, but I was having a tough time hitting the side of a barn at the time).  I head back to see what he's got next for me.
  • Nothing."
  • "I cross the Embankment again.  Still no word from Fox.
    The road up to the crossing is quiet. I would be interesting to see what happens if I crossed into the Garbage at this point. But right before nightfall like this?"

  • "An uneventful walk home.  I am grateful for the boredom frankly.  Perhaps Fox will appear tomorrow."

  • "I appear to have eaten my sleeping bag. I can't think of another way to explain it."

  • "Night is reluctant to fall for some reason. I go out and see if I can tempt it"

  • "Investigated the far end of the rail line and managed not to get irradiated this time. Still no advance on the daylight situation. No reason not to press on to the Garbage at this point (aside from the world apparently no longer spinning)"

  • "All quiet at the crossing.  This eternal twilight is very weird.  Almost like the world has ended and I'm the last to know"


Expedition 14

Cause of death: Meta (some similar scripting error)

Extracts from the log:

  • "Here's me winning the fight at the Garage."

  • "You wouldn't know it's day time would you.  Makes doing Sid's wandering artifact quest that much easier I guess (note small glowing thing)"

  • "A bandit throws a grenade at me.  After the fight is over it's still there on the ground, a dud (that'd add some spice wouldn't it? A bit like jamming guns. "Noooo!" screams gaming at large).  Something tells me it's not a dud though. 
    I shoot it. It rolls away. I pick it up."

  • "I return to Sid's  hole.  It takes me a while to realise what's wrong. His door didn't close behind me last time I left.  I can now draw guns in his presence as well.  He won't die though, darn it all."

-save game refuses to load

Expedition 15

  • The Marked One was fatally wounded by a shotgun blast from Fox.
    What are friends for?
    T.O.D. 1125

Extract from the log:

  • "I crossed the embankment without incident.  Fox calls but I'm ill equiped to help.  So I break into the attic at the old hall next door and then he's fine. So far so good."

  • "Fox Shot ME!"

And now back to our irregularly scheduled programming.
(Sooner rather than later this time I swear)


  1. Surprised you seem to have so many meta problems. That must be very annoying when you're playing this way.

    Very entertaining read though, thanks.

  2. I haven't had that many really. The game has certainly been a lot less stable at earlier times (at some points it was even fraught with danger walking through a level crossing). But yeah, it's bad to get them playing like this. I haven't seen those script breakages ever before this lil project. I think they might have something to do with the new missions AMK inserted (which is odd since an older version I played some time ago didn't have any such problems).
    Oh well. Thanks for dropping in.

  3. Sorry to hear about your health, Stalker. Hope it's not too bad.