Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh yeah...

Back at the beginning I mentioned one of the play blogs I got my inspiriation from was a Far Cry 2 blog that I couldn't find or remember the name of.
Well the good folks at RPS (where I first heard about it) point out that it's finished and you can get the whole thing as a sort of coffee table ebook.

Permanent Death by Ben Abraham

Cheers to a fellow of the Autraline persuasion. I'd better a get a wriggle on then.
(on the self absorbtion front: I'm fairly sure I came up with this concept independently, but there's Kieron Gillen recommending Stalker for this sort of thing right there on their first mention of Ben's experiment. Also Ben's blog has a similar template and similar scenic banner theme completely by accident. I like to think of myself as a rigorous independent thinker, but my subconscious is a complete hack.)

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