Friday, November 12, 2010

Expedition 16: Time bubble almost closed.

*sigh* *double sigh*.  Some habits are a little hard to break.  Then you do a couple of dud attempts inbetween and you wonder why you're bothering.

Good old hubris eh.  I like to think I've learned my lesson.  Right up until the point that it's obvious I haven't.

The truth is, I'm not sure you can a lot of the time.  Learn your lesson, that is.  As I'm sure I've gone on and on about before, in a risk rich environment like this you take your life in your hands just walking out the door.  Admittedly some chances are a little more obvious and easier to avoid than others.  Don't get drunk in the wilderness and don't assume soldiers will miss when they shoot back.  Those two are pretty solid, I'm thinking

It might be an idea to remind folks that I'm glossing over some details of the early stages of the game just for the sake of space and repetition.  You can read about the initial business in one of the first expeditions.  Mostly though, unless something interesting happens, I tend to skip straight to where the shooting starts (the title is a reference to the fact that this expedition is still in progress.  Oooh!) 

05:44 05 -01- 2012
A fine day in the Zone today.  Almost welcoming.  I could stand to have a little more light for the Garage fight so I dawdle around, pretty much like usual.  Mostly when I do this I have a fair stock of vodka and canned food and not much else.